Hielos Es Caná

At Hielos Es Cana we are manufacturers and distributors of ice in Ibiza.

Hielos Es Cana is founded in 1991. We have over 25 years of experience and a portfolio of clients who trust us on a daily basis: from emblematic places to the most modern ones. Hotels, Beach Clubs, Discos, Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Gas stations, Supermarkets, Catering companies, etc.

Ice making in the formats most requested by the market:

  • Cubito Gourmet of 40 grs / Ud. (Bag of 2 Kgs.)
  • Cubito Gourmet of 55 grs / Ud. (Bag of 2 Kgs.)
  • Ice Nugget - Special Cocteleria (Bag of 2 Kgs.)

In the process of making our ice products is automated. In addition to a control of treatment and analysis of the water and the product elaborated by an external company, it allows us to comply with the norms of hygiene and quality.

Service throughout the island, facility to place machines of conservation of the product according to the needs of the client.

Address and contact: Ses Pedrisses, s / n 07849 Es Cana Ibiza - Baleares
T-971 33 90 22 / M- 607 83 31 20
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